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Bring the presidential election to life in your fall courses with Globalyceum’s Election 2016.

Get up to date activities and content meant to help your students stay engaged and informed this election season.

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Comparative Problems
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We update the following content features throughout the fall election cycle so your course is always current.

Student Mock Elections and Polling


Five times throughout the term your students will have the opportunity to participate in polling and mock elections. You have access to all demographic data to assist in your class discussion and analysis.

September 4: First Student Vote
September 18: First Student Survey
October 2: Second Student Vote
October 16: Second Student Survey
November 6: Third Student Vote

Expert Videos


Dr. Melinda Jackson helps your students better understand significant moments and issues this election season:

August 29: Party Conventions
September 12: Battleground States
October 3: Debates
October 24: Polling & Demographics
November 7: Pre-Election Week
November 14: Post-Election Results
December 5: Recap and Look Ahead

Comparative Problems


Think through the present by analyzing moments from the past. Our comparative problems present primary sources from elections of the past so your students are prepared to think critically about the issues of today.

Conventions: Pageants or Political Dramas?
Where is the Real Election Battleground?
Do Debates Make a Difference?
How Do Americans Decide?

Background Readings


Give your students background information and a better understanding of the modern American election system with these readings and activities by Dr. Melinda Jackson.

Audio Essay: Political Culture and Elections
Audio Lecture Slides: Understanding Public Opinion
Key Terms List: Political Culture and Elections
Problem: Voter Participation
Composition: Voter Participation

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